Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus positive mosquitoes have been detected throughout Bristol, Essex, Norfolk, Plymouth and Worcester counties. These samples include mosquitoes known to bite humans. The second EEE human case has been identified in Worcester County.  Aerial Spraying occurred in portions of Bristol and Plymouth Counties from 8/8/19 – 8/11/19. To view the completed spray map please visit https://www.mass.gov/guides/aerial-mosquito-control-summer-2019

While the spraying activity in Bristol and Plymouth counties is expected to reduce the mosquitoes that spread EEE it will not eliminate risk. Residents are urged to take personal protective activities like using EPA approved repellents and avoiding mosquitoes at peak times. Check back for mosquito results and updated risk maps. West Nile virus activity has also been identified in several communities. See your results below.

Mosquito Samples Positive Animals Positive Humans Positive
WNV 53 0 0
EEE Virus 310 1 2